At CNO, we believe in the following principles on career development: 

  • The best way to develop is through challenging growth experiences while doing the work of the organization. CNO associates have the opportunity to participate in key projects and cross-functional teams, take on stretch assignments and people responsibilities, and obtain broader business/enterprise exposure. These types of job experiences are a core investment in our associates' potential because they directly drive operational results, build a pipeline of talent across the enterprise and instill a culture of performance
  • The key to successful career development is the integration of organizational needs with individual development interests and needs. As the organization changes and grows, individuals learn, develop, and grow
  • Career development includes lateral and vertical progression. In addition to promotions, lateral moves promote new experiences necessary to help you deal effectively with the complexity of our business. 
  • Associates and managers are mutually accountable for development. Associates actively manage their growth experiences and career objectives, and their managers  support them with training, development opportunities, coaching and mentoring. 


CNO offers a core Curriculum, which includes leadership development, insurance education, and PC/business skills courses.  Together, they target the specific challenges that you may face at different phases in your career.

Tuition Reimbursement

We encourage associate professional development and promote improved effectiveness and efficiency on the job by offering financial assistance for educational courses at accredited colleges, universities, business schools, and or other educational and vocational institutions. Tuition reimbursement is accessible to all active, full-time associates who've been employed by CNO for at least 90 days.